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Video interviews tailored for each business area
Personality and aptitude assessment
Optional cut-off level for automatic screening
+ Custom interviews and presentation portals
+ Assignment dashboard, no assignment restrictions
+ Screen your existing candidates or gather
   new candidates with open applications
+ Recruit smarter with a one-stop recruitment solution
+ Integrated with job boards
+ Full suite of Assessio's online tests
+ Match candidates with available jobs - automatically
+ Candidate portal
+ ...much more!
Job application Online assessment Video interview Final presentation
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ZeroLime's and Assessio's digital interview and assessment - ZADIA. With psychometric science from Assessio together with ZeroLime's innovative recruitment software in digital interviewing, we have found the best screening option possible for recruitment. We will help you enhance the candidate experience, reduce time when hiring and make accurate selections.
Download our white paper to find out how we have done this:
  Accurate, efficient, smart   (175 kB)
If you want to know how we helped Adecco, download our case:
  How Adecco took recruitment into the 22nd century   (130 kB)
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