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About the tests
MAP, Measuring and Assessing individual Potential, is a personality test based on the Five Factor Model of personality, which is the most robust and well documented measurement of personality. MAP is a web based assessment with 240 items measuring five scales and 25 sub scales. The information found in MAP predicts critical behaviors in both co-worker and leadership positions. The results are presented in narrative and graphic profile reports.
Matrigma measures cognitive ability and is used to predict career success and job performance. Cognitive ability concerns, among other things, a person’s aptitude for accurate problem solving, logical reasoning and the ability to grasp new information – capabilities that are critical in the world of work.

The test results will help you predict behaviours such as critical reasoning skills, clear thinking, learning skills and sound decision making. With a high score on Matrigma candidates are oftentimes rated as high performers at work. They are effective in dealing with complex job tasks, they require less attention from their supervisors, and they can handle a high pace at work.

Matrigma is an IRT-based adaptive online test, with a 12 minute time limit.
MINT, Measuring Integrity, is a web based personality test that measures fundamental personal characteristics that are important in different types of jobs. It is based on the five factor model of personality, which is the most empirically robust and well documented approach to measuring personality traits today.

The candidate’s scores on MINT are combined to an Integrity score. With a high score, candidates are more often rated as high performers at work, both with regards to handling job tasks well, as well as being friendly and effective in their relationships at work. With a low score on MINT, there is a higher risk for counterproductive work behaviours (CWB), such as tardiness or being rude.
Predicting Job Performance (PJP) is a combined personality and cognitive ability test with a focus on predicting performance at work. PJP is a web based assessment with a total administration time of 40 minutes.

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