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ZADIA Premium
One-stop recruitment solution
- Process overview of ongoing and completed assignments and candidates' progress
- Single / batch candidate handling and communication
- Easily see candidates' involvement in parallel recruitment processes as well as the outcome of previous recruitment attempts

- Job ads containing video publishable to internal and external job boards
- Dynamic registration forms
- Custom skins if needed
- Open applications
- Custom screening questions per ad
- Send assessment tests and video interviews automatically when candidates apply
Powerful tools
Structured video interviews:
- Interview templates using our bank of standardized questions and your own questions
- Present full or partial video interviews to your clients
- Supported devices: iOS and Android smartphones and tablets that have a front camera

- Personality and aptitude assessment tests from Assessio's online test suite
- Configurable to generate a combined stanine score based on a position for best job-fit
- Sort and process candidates by best job-fit
- All tests are scientifically sound and designed to predict job performance and to give important insights into the capabilities and characteristics of the candidate

Match engine:
- Automatic scanning of qualifications in uploaded CVs
- Search directly in uploaded documents
- Re-use existing candidates with the right qualifications using a search profile

Profile links:
- Present top candidates to client or other department within your company
- Configure lifespan and maximum number of clicks per profile link
- Recipients can answer which candidates are wanted and which are not
For the candidates
Candidate portal:
- View and easily apply to other ads, per business area
- Supplement / update personal information and qualifications for searchability
- Optional video presentation

- Automatic notice after application
- Automatic notices when assignments end depending on if candidate is hired or not

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