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ZADIA Standard
Screening like a boss
Process overview of ongoing and completed assignments and candidates' progress.

Existing candidates:
Screen your select few or full batch of previously gathered candidates.

Open applications:
Create simple job ads containing video for your web page or job boards via feed or copy/pasted ad links. We can create custom skins if need arises.
Video interviews
Structured video interviews:
Tailor interview templates from our bank of standardized questions and add your own questions.

Invitations or new candidates:
Invite people from your existing applicant pool to take video interviews using a batch of e-mail addresses.
Have new candidates from open applications interviewed automatically.

Supported devices:
iOS and Android smartphones and tablets that have a front camera.
Assessment tests
Personality and aptitude assessment tests from Assessio's online test suite are integrated and can be configured to generate a combined score based on the position for best job-fit. These are designed to predict job performance and to give insights into the capabilities and characteristics of the candidate.

Optional screening:
Specify a cut-off level suitable for the job based on its complexity. Candidates not reaching the desired cut-off level recieve an automated declination mail after a set time and the recruitment process ends for them.
Create presentation portals for your own departments or clients containing your best candidates. Show full or parts of video interviews and have optional pitch texts for each candidate. Portal users can answer which candidates are wanted and which are not, see these replies in the recruitment process for each candidate.

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